Discover Yourself with Human Design

Human Design Helps You to Live the Life of the Person That You Are

Humans have the ability to think and change anything that is found inconvenient or unacceptable. People have a powerful desire that makes them want to change, and though may of us may be content with our life, there are others who will want to change their life to make it more satisfying and fulfilling.

The Human Design solution is a method of self-improvement that requires you first to be aware of the person that you are. By doing so, you can decide what you want to become and be able to actively participate in creating your new personality. The most important part of this process of human design is self-awareness. You need to be aware of the type of human being that you are.

The majority of people are Generators, and this accounts for over 70 percent of people. These are the workers of the world, and they are the ones who respond to live and its situations. They are rarely initiators and respond to every situation as it comes before them. Over 20 percent of people are Projectors or have personalities that are gifted, and who are willing to help and guide others who ask them for such assistance. Eight percent of people are Manifestors and have always been the rulers and lawgivers in the world. These are the people who have the potential to change the world and have an energy that can have a profound effect on others. The balance one or two percent of the population of the world are Reflectors who are completely aware of everything that happens in the world, and this keeps them altering their perception of people and the happenings around them. Reflectors are the people who keep on taking inputs from everyone around them and remain undecided for extended periods of time. They will be strongly for something, but will always be willing to look at alternatives, and this keeps them undecided.

Human Design System is largely about your ability to make decisions. Once you are aware of the type of person you are, you have to allow then your intelligence to guide you. External factors always influence the mind, but you can base your decisions on the type of person you want to be and by using the innate intelligence that you have. This design is a means of discovering yourself, your limitations, your vulnerabilities and your psychology. This design helps you to understand human life and has a potential to allow every individual to better himself.

Human Design

You must accept yourself with all your imperfections and any other characteristic that makes you the unique person that you are. Comparing yourself to others can be quite futile and a waste of mental energy. Live the life that is your own and makes the changes to your life that are well within your grasp and that which you can accomplish. Learn to love yourself for the person you are, and soon you will find that you have strengths and abilities that you can use to improve yourself and your status in life.

Why You Need High Authority Backlinks to Your Website

The Value of High Authority Backlinks

The sky is falling and your website’s ranking has plummetted to the 200 page rank of Google, best known as the ghost town of Google. If you have run a website for the last 8 years or so, then you probably understand exactly what I’m talking about but for newer website owners you might not get this reference so I will have to elucidate you on this topic. Until a few years ago, when Google restructured their search algorithm site owners and lazy SEO companies were able to basically spam backlinks all over the internet to increase the rank of websites. Backlinks are links leading to your website from other websites and in the eyes of Google, at least at the time, the more backlinks you had, the more popular your site is and the more worthy you are to be ranked high in Google’s search results. 

The problem with the backlink is a backlink, it doesn’t matter where it comes from approach lead to a lot of poorly made and content devoid sites being ranked really high by Google. For a company who’s job it is to serve the best websites with the most high-quality information, this was a big no-no because it made Google less reliable and not good for people who were searching for quality content.

Google got tired of this, they got tired of people gaming the system and most importantly they were tired of bad sites ranked high in their search results so they had to put an end to this. Google efforts to destroy junk backlinks and just the sheer number of backlinks to weigh heaviest when it came to ranking a site was changed with their search engine algorithm updates known as Penguin and Panda.

For the site who were using these fraudulent links, it was a very bad day with the Penguin and Panda updates were released because their websites were de-ranked and were sent to the back pages of Google. For sites that focused on high authority backlinks, they were unaffected by Google’s successful defense plan against spammed backlinks.

authority backlinks

What this means to you is that if you have a website that you care about, if you want your site to be ranked high in Google, if you never want to be a victim to the next Google algorithmic update, then your SEO strategy must focus on high authority backlinks, great content, great web design, and just an attitude that everything should be high quality.

As you can see, the art of SEO doesn’t allow for any shortcuts. The most effort that you put into SEO, the better off your site will be. It will also be able to withstand any quality assurance efforts that Google decides to invoke to protect the quality of the results that that they serve. Do things right and you will be rewarded and you will not share the fate that lazy website owners and so-called SEO experts faced during the last series of Google updates.

Understanding the Elements of a “Human Design Chart”

The Human Design Chart is Unique in Appearance

Only dead fish go with the flow.” This quote by Andy Hunt reiterated uniqueness. That each and one of us should follow our own path. Simply it proves that living life shouldn’t be about following the bandwagon. It’s about being able to have distinction. That is what Human Design System advocates. To embrace your own uniqueness and not being influenced.

human design centers

The Body Chart

Practising this scheme is about fully understanding its outline. The Human Design Chart was presented to the public by its founder Ra Uru Hu in 1992. It contains several aspects that have specific roles for interpretation. Generally, the chart can be branched into 4 elements – “Mandala”, Body chart and “The Nine centers.” The illustration below is a full chart. Each part will be introduced separately in this article.

64 Barriers Called the Gates

The large wheel is called the Mandala. The outlying is composed of 64 barriers called Gates which is a resemblance of the Chinese I’Ching. These gates have positions that cannot be altered. The Gates are also colour-coded that corresponds to the centers they are connected to. The interior wheel presents the 12 zodiac signs. Human design has a varied explanation for the astrological signs.

The Mandala surrounds the Body Graph. The triangle, square and diamond are what we call the Nine Centers. Each shape interprets a certain energy that is relevant to our body’s behaviour. The lines you can see are called as Channels that originated from the Jewish Sephiroth. Observing the tip of these channels are numbers that represent the 64 gates of the Mandala. There are 36 connecting Channels.

A Human Design Reading

Once you will have a Human Design Reading, you will see that not all centers are coloured or lighted. The coloured centers will explain your whole personality. On the other hand, the white ones or uncoloured are termed as Undefined Centers. Each undefined centers will emphasize what you need to focus or improve in life. Having no color in a specific center means there is no consistency in that trait. For example, if the Throat Center is undefined. It means you lack in good communication. A tip is let others talk first before yourself. Identifying Undefined Centers would help you know your personality and what your lapses are.

The important information needed in calculating a chart is birthday, city of birth and the specific time you were born. Usual format for the time is 24 hour. In computing the chart, the initial step is by seeing the positions of the planet in relationship to the Earth. The 64 divisions in the Mandala trail the movement of the solar system. The positions in the Mandala trigger corresponding elements in the Body Chart relatively 3 months before your birth and at the moment you were born. These aspects are documented and will result to your body chart.

You can get your very own chart that has specific reading and tips. These can help you understand more on the elements and embrace your own uniqueness. People who get their specific body chart noticed that they now have better decision making. Bring out the potential of your own individuality and improve your relationship with others.

See Which US States Have The Most Super-Rich Residents

Some states have more ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals than major countries

Business Insider 27/11/14

USA States Map of Wealth

As part of its annual World Ultra Wealth Report, wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X created a map showing which US states are home to the most super-rich people (defined as those with $US30 million or more in assets).

Some states have more ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals than major countries. Wealth-X found that California had more super rich people than the United Kingdom (13,445 v. 11,510); New York had more than India (9,530 v. 8,595); and Texas had more than Canada (6,510 v. 5,305).

Doing Business in Sydney Down Under

New Business in Sydney CBD – Keep it Streamlined

Guest Post by Riccardo Burnside
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Many international companies have to set up office in foreign lands.  We are taking a look at doing that in the simplest and smallest possible way in Sydney Australia with a recommendation.Assuming all the necessary immigration, work visas and or residence visas etc  are in place and that you also are legally allowed to operate a business in Australia. Once you have had the privilege of the above you can look forward to another wave of tax and legislative compliance like you have never seen.

A Big Thank You to Irenas Bookkeeping – Top Sydney Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Due to unforeseen circumstance the operation needed to be set up very quickly and we enlisted the help of an efficient CBD Accounting and Bookkeeping Service to get our systems in place with a brand new office and brand new equipment with brand new software.

Australia has it’s own onerous government reporting systems many similar to the US by a different name and others totally unique.

If you are planning setting up a business in Sydney and you are looking for a really flexible and totally efficient service then go here – CBD Accounting Services to ensure you are compliant with tax and reporting from the start.

  • MYOB Set-up and data entry

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Payroll setup/processing including Super, Payroll Tax and PAYG

  • Inventory Control

  • Month and Year End Accounts and Reporting

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Profit and Loss Statements

  • Invoicing

  • Manual Bookkeeping

  • Filing and Other General Office Duties

  • and much more

Always Wanted a Cool Designer Sleeve or Bag for Your Laptop or Tablet

Many Reasons to Protect Your Laptop, NoteBook or Tablet with the Best Bag or Sleeve

A laptop, notebook or tablet can be one of the most useful, multipurpose accessories of the modern age. No longer just for producing a text document on the run it’s more like a portable communications and business centre for the person on-the-go, and now it also doubles as a full-fledged entertainment console once business is done. These mobile computing devices use less electricity than a desktop computer and with the continuing expansion of Wi-Fi networks, just about any neighborhood coffee shop, mall, airport or train station can become an impromptu office space for a few hours. But if you’re going to carry this fabulous tool/ toy with you everywhere, you’re going to need a bag to protect it and keep your hands free, right?

Lightweight and Stylish is What I Look For in a Computer Bag

It’s worth it to get a good case or bag for your laptop, notebook or tablet. You’re going to find yourself taking it everywhere with you. If I’m going to carry something with me constantly, I don’t want to have to carry it in my hands. I’m also looking for a bag that offers good protection from bumps and the weather. It’s also important that the bag looks interesting, I’m the person who’s going to see it the most, that last factor winds up being pretty relevant in the long run but it doesn’t take precedent over the other factors, especially safety.

So, What Makes a Great Laptop Bag

Oh yes, security is Numero Uno.  After all, this possibly the most expensive portable technical item you own after the car, so keeping it with you securely is of paramount importance. I heard a great story the other day and I’m sure it has happened before, a woman is walking down a busy city street, lots of people, a windy day which is making everyone a but more hurried and harried than usual. Suddenly a man darts out from a park grabs the laptop bag, rips it from her shoulder and…goes nowhere. She happened to be using a Quinkerbag with the wrist handles, so whilst her shoulder strap was taking the bulk of the computer weight it was the two small 8 inch handles (with her wrist tucked through them) which saved the day…and her $4000 Mac-book Pro, from being nicked. This is the key for me, twin handles for the wrist and a big shoulder strap which can be used without the others casually in safe surrounds. My advice, avoid any laptop bag or tablet sleeve which does not have these twin handle options, it will prevent any accident or theft from ever happening to your computer when on your person.

As with any new piece of luggage, it’s a balancing act between function and style. Never make a big sacrifice in function for how something looks but, as just mentioned re security, get the thing that works really well on the basic practical level and looks unique. If it looks perfect but will do the job, keep looking.

Today’s laptop bags are designed to go everywhere, whether it’s a long haul around the globe or a quick trip across town. New TSA-approved features may help you move more quickly through security, even though experts point out that it’s always up to the officer on duty to decide whether or not you’ll be required to remove your laptop. What can help speed things up is organisation, and that means putting everything in its proper place—even your laptop. Select sleeves that are padded and open and close easily. When choosing sleeve size, compute it by adding the laptop width to its true depth to come up with the perfect fit (e.g., a 14-inch-wide computer that measures 2 inches deep means you’ll need a 16-inch sleeve). And make sure that whatever bag you choose, it also has enough room for cables, cords and other gadgets that you need for your personal on-the-go office.

See a great range of 14 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch Neoprene Laptop and Tablet Sleeves Here

Byron Bay SEO Company Making Waves

Byron Bay SEO Company Making Waves

Byron Bay Search Engine Optimization Company – Is Just the Best

Most of us have heard of Byron Bay, right? It’s that magical part of Australia on the most eastern tip and is famous for it’s beaches, surf, music festivals, party town and general great chill -out place with good weather. What more could you ask. Why aren’t we all living there.

Byron Bay hosts some of the best festivals in Australia including the Byron Bay Blues Festival and Splendor in the Grass. Both these festivals attract over 20 thousand people. They cater for quite different audiences. The former probably a slightly older audience because the theme is more traditional rock and roll with blues roots. Splendor apparently attracts a younger crowd. What really blew me away is the beauty of the town and surrounding area.

Few Days previously we had been a bit further north at the Gold Coast. We also visited surrounding towns like Ballina, Bangalow, Lismore, Murwillumbah and Nimbin (hooch capital of Australia). None of them come close to Byron Bay.

We Found Gold with Byron Bay

We mention the above because we were recently visiting Byron Bay over their summer in January. At the time a catastrophe happened to our business back in California and we had to pull together a bunch of skype meetings from all over the world (over Christmas – right?)

The thing is we had to make some significant on-page optimization changes to our several sites back home – fast. All our usual crew were mostly AWOL and NOT contactable.  After we came off skype and agreed that due to a major international client cancellation three websites needed to be updated immediately.

Well, we walked into this great coincidence a couple of hours later. We had been invited to someones house where we were introduced to Chris Brown the guy who runs InCityDomain, a local SEO services company. When he heard about our predicament and he offered to get on board and do the work for us, starting that evening – if we really needed! Wow! Talk about luck. Chris seemed to really know his stuff.

Even though I was feeling a bit reticent about working with someone who has no history of our websites and our work we took this as an offer from the Gods to get us out of a pickle.

To Cut a Long SEO Story Short

We want to give Chris and InCityDomain Byron Bay a big PLUG because not only did they save us a huge embarrassment at the time by jumping on board and helping us out almost immediately, they also pointed out a bunch of stuff that we were not aware of but was damaging our search engine rankings.

They awoke me to NOT assuming that only people in the US really are at the cutting edge because the work that InCityDomain did on our various sites included changing all our Meta data and descriptions and just a couple of small changes to the website the way it was set out.

Boost in Our Search Engine Rankings from Byron Bay SEO Company

In addition to the changes made that night by Chris we also agreed with him to go ahead with a back linking plan that he discussed with us. I am not sure if it was just the on-site SEO or the off site SEO or a combination of both but what happened in the next 2-3 weeks blew us away.

We had never been above position no5 in Google ever. All of a sudden our no5 position jumped to no.2 and a whole bunch of other keywords came up into page 1. Many other keywords for this business made a significant improvement.

Needless to say we have a new full time SEO expert who keeps us up at the top of Google but most important is the difference it’s made to us in terms of additional leads and sales and bookings.

Below is a chart of the most spectacular rise in search engine ranking for our main site SRO Magazine

Byron Bay Search Engine Optimization Company – InCityDomain

Our new full time SEO expert keeps us up at the top of Google but most important is the difference it’s made to additional leads and sales and bookings